Drainage system construction in Naklua over five months behind schedule, says Pattaya Deputy Mayor


The Pattaya City Deputy Mayor has promised that major drainage system construction in Naklua should be completed in one week after he stated that it is currently five months behind schedule.

The construction had started in May of last year and was originally scheduled to be finished in March of this year. It has now taken a total of almost sixteen months to finish. The original contract was set at a 110 million baht budget.

The Pattaya City Deputy Mayor Banlue Khulawanich told The Pattaya News the contractor will be fined as they were well behind schedule currently. He did not specifically state how much the potential fine would be, however noted that the Covid-19 Coronavirus situation was not an appropriate excuse as the work had been scheduled to be completed before the virus caused a lock-down starting in early April. During this period all construction projects were paused for nearly two months as authorities implemented plans to prevent any potential spread of the Covid-19 Coronavirus.

However, the work is almost complete as of this point, said Banlue to The Pattaya News this afternoon. The deputy mayor has promised to push the contract company to complete the project within a week. He stated that complaints from local residents and business owners had grown over the past several weeks, thus causing city officials to take a more direct approach to the problem.

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