Woman injured after trying to stop her husband from driving away in Chonburi by hanging onto his vehicle

A 28 year old woman has sustained serious injuries after holding onto her husband’s pickup truck while he attempted to drive away in Panthong on Sunday, say police.

Lieutenant Kitiikun Thongkokgruad of the Panthong Police was notified of the incident at about noon Sunday in Nong Kakha.

Police, associated press and emergency responders arrived at the scene to find Ms. Suwimon Moonlapan, 28, on the unpaved road in pain. She had a leg and head injuries and was taken to a local hospital for medical assistance.

Mr. Wichet Malasri, 34, who is Ms. Suwimon’s husband, told police that they had an intense verbal argument previously. The nature of the argument was not revealed. Mr. Wichet said he wanted to calm down so he got into his pickup truck and drove away, planning to return later when he was no longer angry.

Wichet told Lt. Kitiikun that he did not realize that Ms. Suwimon was holding onto the back of his pickup truck in an attempt to get him to stop. She suffered her injuries while being dragged down the unpaved road.

When Wichet realized his wife was hanging onto the back of his vehicle he immediately stopped the pickup truck, according to his statement to police.

Panthong police stated they will continue to investigate the incident and speak with Suwimon when she recovers from her injuries fully.

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