Chonburi and Pattaya go over 100 consecutive days with no confirmed locally spread cases of Covid-19


The Chonburi Public Relations department announced yesterday through their social media channels that the province of Chonburi, which includes Pattaya, has gone over one hundred consecutive days with no new, confirmed cases of the Covid-19 Coronavirus.

The announcement thanked Chonburi residents for keeping up their guard and the community for coming together for the accomplishment. It also reminded residents that due to the virus still raging across the world and the chance of illegal immigrants possibly bringing the virus across borders that residents could not let their guard down yet.

Chonburi officials reccomended that residents still wear masks in public, wash their hands regularly and physically distance at least one meter from other individuals. Usage of the Thai Chana platform for checking in and out of venues and avoiding crowded places was also reccomended.

Chonburi had a total of 87 confirmed cases of Covid-19, with two deaths. Both deaths were imported cases from outside of the province. The majority of the cases in Chonburi were associated with a cluster from a boxing stadium event in Bangkok, with limited local spread according to Chonburi officials.

Chonburi remains a major province for quarantine, with over a dozen hotels providing state quarantine service, nearly all in Pattaya, for Thai Nationals returning from overseas. Authorities have regularly reassured residents that there is no risk to local residents from state quarantine hotels being located in Pattaya. They pointed out tens of thousands have already gone through quarantine in the area with no incidents or problems.

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