Ferry capsizes going from Koh Samui to Surat Thani, multiple people still missing


A ferry primarily carrying vehicles being transported from the island of Koh Samui to Donsak Pier in Surat Thani reportedly capsized late last night around 10:30 PM during heavy waves.

The ferry was carrying sixteen people and multiple garbage trucks and vehicles according to Surat Thani officials. Seven people remain missing as of an update posted one hour ago from the Surat Thani Public Relations account on social media. Of the sixteen people on the ferry, twelve were members of the ferry crew and the remainder were truck drivers riding along with their transported vehicles.

Nine people were rescued overnight from the ferry after capsizing, according to Surat Thani Public Relations. All nine men rescued were wearing life jackets, Surat Thani officials reported. Early reports indicate that heavy waves were responsible for the incident. Previous weather warnings had been released by the Thai Meteorological Department in regards to conditions in the water.  The exact location of the incident was between Ko Si and Ko Hah (Fourth and Fifth islands)

The Governor of Surat Thani, Witchawut Jinto, has taken control of managing the incident. Mr. Suthiphong Klai Udom, the Deputy Governor, is also assisting in managing the rescue operation. The Royal Thai Navy is assisting in search and rescue operations. Additionally, multiple marine rescue and police boats are in the area searching for the seven missing individuals.

The following names were released by Surat Thani PR as involved in the incident:

Admitted to Koh Samui Hospital
1 Mr. Chamnian Buri Mash 
2 Mr. Sutthirak Mueang Inn (mechanic)
3 Mr. Charoen Phongphancharoen (motorcycle technician)
4 Mr. Chaikit Chimphli 
5 Mr. Kiangsak Chaiwong 
6 Mr. Anuphon Chankasem 
7 Mr. Wirot Jae Wang 
8 Mr. Sarayut to Mueang Klang (10 wheel driver)
9 Mr. Boonchamphromthong (10 wheel driver)
1 Mr. Tevin Surat 
2 Mr. Sirawut Thong Boonyang 
3 Mr. Phatcharatip cuddle (sailor)
4 Mr. Thiwakorn Naw cuddle Charapat 
5 Nang Napha cuddle Rada Chanhan (Sales staff)
6 Mr. Chaichan Lao Sap (10 wheel driver)
7 Mr. Suwit Naraset Worachai (Manager) Contractor company (drive truck)
  The ferry company that manages the ferry involved in the incident, Port Raja Ferry Company, has released a press release this morning, which can be read below in Thai language.  A brief English language translation can be found below the image.
  English translation in brief:
   The Port Raja Ferry company is assisting fully in helping recover passengers and crew from a capsized ferry.
  The company first received notice that the ferry in question was in trouble due to high waves and strong winds around 9:30 PM last evening. At this point rescue boats were immediately dispatched to the scene of the distress call.
  The ferry was carrying twelve crew members and four passengers along with multiple vehicles being transported from Koh Samui to Surat Thani.
  The incident took place between the fourth and fifth islands near Koh Samui after departing from the Samui Harbor.
  The company fully cooperated with and assisted in recovering nine passengers and crew members overnight. The company continues to work with rescue services to locate seven missing individuals.
  Mr. Apichat Chayopas, Director of Port Raja Ferry Public Company Limited, says he is sorry that the incident occurred and promises a full and responsible review of the circumstances involved. He stressed that the top priority right now was locating those still missing and updates would be provided as soon as they were available.

Photo credit Surat Thani Provincial Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office.

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