Two men survive after jet ski reportedly explodes in Bangsaen-Video


Two men survived after the jet-ski they were attempting to start reportedly exploded on Bangsaen beach yesterday afternoon.

Emergency responders were notified of the incident at 4:00 PM yesterday. The following is a video taken shortly after the reported explosion by freelance reporters and provided to The Pattaya News.

Emergency responders, fire fighters and The Pattaya News arrived at the beach to find the jet-ski in question still ablaze. It was totally damaged during the incident.

Mr. Suthep Jaruworalack, 46, who had sustained several mostly minor injuries from the explosion was taken to a local hospital.

Mr. Jakkrit Duangtip, 42, told The Pattaya News that he always drives this jet-ski when visiting the beach. Today, he was unable to start the jet-ski and asked the owner for assistance.

He asked Mr. Suthep, who is the jet-ski’s owner, to help start the vehicle. During the second attempt to start the jet-ski, it reportedly exploded. The blast caused Mr. Suthep to be blown off from the jet-ski into the water nearby where he was assisted from bystanders. Jakkrit was standing directly next to the jet-ski but was uninjured, which he attributed in his opinion to his religious amulets he wears which help protect him from harm.

The Sane Suk Mayor Narongchai Khunpluem told The Pattaya News he was close nearby at a ceremony for marine rescue teams. He heard the sound of the explosion and personally rushed to the scene of the incident.

Mayor Narongchai said the exact cause of the explosion is under investigation. He stressed that safety was a top priority for his administration and would be reviewing the safety standards of the jet ski operators on the beach following the incident.

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