Chonburi Abbot found hung in local temple, police rule death by suicide


A 56 year old man, who was the Abbot (Chief Monk) of a Chonburi area temple, was found hung at Wat Khao Din yesterday with Khlong Kio Police stating the incident was death by suicide.

The Abbot, identified by the temple as 56 year old Phra Cholasrirosoto, was the abbot of Wat Khao Din Rom Pho Thong in Ban Bueang, Chonburi. He was found by Phra Kitja Kittiphattho, 49, who had come to deliver the Abbot fruit at 10:00 AM yesterday morning, July 25, 2020. Kitja found the Abbot hanging from a nylon rope tied to the ceiling of his sleeping cubicle.

Phra Kitja told The Pattaya News that Phra Cholasrirosoto had numerous long term health conditions for at least three years and believed that had led to the Abbot making the decision to end his life. Phra Kitja said that the Abbot had very little appetite and rarely ate recently other than small portions of fruit due to his health related issues.

Pol. Colonel Rameset Netchinda, Deputy Director of Investigation, Khlong Kio Police Station, stated to The Pattaya News that there were no signs of a disturbance and that the Abbot had been dead for about five hours according to medical support staff.

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