Special Update: Homeless living in abandoned beer bars in Pattaya visited by social welfare officials


A large group of homeless, estimated in the dozens, living in abandoned beer bar complexes in South Pattaya were visited by social welfare officials today following a report from us and other local Thai media.

We first published this news two days ago and the article, which focused on homeless people living in abandoned beer bars and telling their stories in Pattaya, went viral internationally being read tens of thousands of times.

Today, The Pattaya News was invited to re-visit the complex with local social welfare officials who promised not to kick out the homeless but rather attempt to provide them with assistance.

  The Chonburi Homeless Protection Center staff along with the staff of the Pattaya Social Development Office visited a beer bar complex in the Soi Buakhao area of South Pattaya along with Pattaya News reporters this morning to speak with some of those living there.

Officials from the offices attempted to encourage some of the residents to temporarily take shelter at the Chonburi Homeless Protection Center. They also spoke with two families who were living in the complex who were not from the Chonburi area and originally from Chaiyaphum and Buriram.  The families expressed to the officials that they wanted to return to their home province but did not have money for a ticket.

The social welfare officials agreed to help the two families return to their home province and are in the process of securing them a courtesy bus ticket from Chonburi to help them safely return home to relatives in their home province.

The Chonburi Homeless Protection Center stated that some of the others were considering the offer to move into the homeless shelter, however, they could not force the residents to do so. Officials stated they would check on the homeless living in the complex on a regular basis and make sure they were safe. Additionally, relevant agencies are working with those homeless who wish to work and attempting to help them secure employment in the Chonburi area so they can begin making an income once more.


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