Thai Government begins 3000 baht Covid-19 payout to elderly, infants and people with disabilities

BANGKOK- The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security (MSDHS) today started paying out COVID-19 compensation to infants, elders, and persons with disabilities, each receiving a single payment of 3,000 baht.

The Minister of Social Development and Human Security Juti Krairerk revealed today that the Comptroller General’s Department has started processing COVID-19 compensation to vulnerable groups of the population, with the total number of eligible persons numbering around 6 million.

Eligible persons will receive a one-time payment at 3,000 baht each, which is a cumulative amount of the extra 1,000 baht per month provided in addition to their entitlement. The amount will be automatically deposited into their bank account as recorded on the MSDHS’ database.

As a requirement, persons who have already benefitted from other compensation campaigns by the government, such as the Rao Mai Ting Gun payout for freelance and informal workers, farmers compensation campaign, as well as holders of the state welfare card will not be eligible.

The campaign to aid vulnerable populations, covers 1,394,756 infants, 4,056,596 beneficiaries of elders’ welfare, and 1,330,529 holders of ID cards for Persons With Disabilities.

Source: Thai National News Bureau

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