Thai Government arranging more quarantine rooms as complaints on bookings being full rise


The Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration or CCSA announced this week that they are arranging for many more rooms, estimated in the thousands, for quarantine for those foreigners and Thais returning to the country.

Dr. Taweesin Visanuyothin, of the CCSA, addressed concerns from primarily foreign nationals who qualify for a certificate of entry from their embassy or consulate. Due to nearly solid bookings from the majority of alternative state quarantines, which is required for a foreigner to book prior to entering Thailand, complaints have risen recently.

Many comments on social media groups devoted to foreigners who are outside of the country and trying to get back in claim quarantine hotels are booked through September in many cases.

With Thailand also stating they are planning to bring in migrant workers and Thai elite visa holders in the near future, concerns from those in groups such as marriage and family, work permits and medical reasons have risen.

Thailand has begun to allow some foreigners in but only in eleven set groups and with prior embassy permission on a case by case basis. All foreigners entering the country must pay for their own alternative state quarantine at a hotel.

Recently, Thailand announced diplomats must also do the quarantine and may no longer isolate at their own homes. This follows two incidents earlier this month with foreign Nationals on exemptions both testing positive for Covid-19. One, an Egyptian soldier, went shopping, breaching quarantine rules.

Dr. Taweesin said foreigners could also temporarily book state quarantine facilities that were free. He warned, however, that their level of luxury was not as nice as the alternative state quarantine hotels.

In addition, Dr. Taweesin also stated that the government is looking at converting some hospitals into additional quarantine facilities. He said that those trying to get back to Thailand should coordinate with their local embassies or consulates if they are unable to find appropriate accommodation for the required fourteen day quarantine.

Adam Judd
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