Giant water monitor lizard removed from car in Si Racha

Si Racha-

A local resident of Si Racha was in for a big surprise when she discovered a giant water monitor lizard in her home and called rescue workers in a panic.

The lizard, which was over 2 meters long and colored gold and silver had wedged itself behind an icebox in the home of a local Thai resident, who was not named. Rescue workers from a local Thai rescue association arrived at the home which was located in Village Number 6 in the Bowin Subdistrict.  The lizard managed to evade initial capture and hid inside the engine room of a nearby vehicle.

Rescue workers and local residents helped remove some parts from the car to safely remove the water monitor from the engine area. The lizard will be relocated to a forested area nearby by rescue staff. They stated the lizard was in good health and unharmed, although anxious due to the attention caused by the capture. The house owner was also shaken up by the incident. In Thailand, water monitors are seen by some as bad luck and the name of the lizard in Thai is also often used as a strong insult or curse word.

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