Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs clarifies process for entry into Thailand for multiple groups of foreigners


The Thailand Ministry of Foreign Affairs has clarified the entry process for several groups of foreigners to Thailand.

The process was clarified in a series of picture graphs released on various social media channels. All the images below are courtesy the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Thailand is NOT currently accepting general tourists or travel and is unlikely to do so any time in the near future. Additionally Thailand has temporarily suspended flights from diplomats, short stay business trips, military flights and other similar “exemption” entry to foreigners until further notice.

The suspension of those catagories follows two cases of foreign nationals testing positive for Covid-19 in Thailand, one being a nine year old girl from Sudan and the second being an Egyptian soldier who breached quarantine regulations to go shopping in Rayong. Both cases have caused fear and concern of a possible second cluster of infections of Covid-19.

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