Pattaya City Mayor addresses Rayong Covid-19 case, no force business closures at this time


The Pattaya City Mayor, Sonthaya Khunplume, spoke with The Pattaya News late yesterday afternoon about the situation in Rayong which saw an Egyptian soldier breach quarantine rules and go shopping while infected with Covid-19.

Mayor Khunplume said that the Chonburi Communicable Disease Control Committee was monitoring the situation and had a plan if there was to be a cluster of infections from the case in Rayong. Rayong is located just to the South of Chonburi.  Mayor Khunplume stressed that the best way for Pattaya residents to protect themselves was to always wear a mask, wash their hands properly, use hand sanitizer and use the Thai Chana platform to log into venues.

The Thai Chana platform helped successfully locate nearly all of the people who visited the same shopping centers as the 43 year old Egyptian soldier, who has not been identified, over the weekend, the Mayor added.

In response to concern of checkpoints or business closures, the Mayor has said that at this time neither will take place and the best precaution is for people to take care of their own health by using good hygiene measures and physically distancing. Pattaya just reopened nightlife and entertainment venues after a nearly four month closure on the first of this month, which represents the vast majority of business in the city. The city has been hit hard by the Covid-19 situation as an estimated 80 percent of the revenue from the city comes from tourism and the entertainment and hospitality industry, both of which have been crippled due to the pandemic and only now slowly beginning to recover.

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