CCTV footage and timeline of Egyptian soldiers visiting Rayong area malls emerges


CCTV footage of a group of Egyptian soldiers, including one reportedly infected with Covid19, visiting a mall in Rayong over the past weekend has emerged.

The footage, which shows the soldier who was reportedly infected with Covid-19 wearing a red shirt, was released to the Associated Thai Press.

The man wore a mask during his entire visit to the Laemthong mall in Rayong, officials noted. The mall also followed proper procedures by requiring the man to go through a checkpoint, giving him a temperature check and requiring him to use the Thaichana Covid19 tracing platform to sign in.

The man did not purchase anything at the mall and did not interact with staff or strangers, according to mall officials and those who have reviewed the footage. The man, identified only as a 43 year old Egyptian soldier, wandered the mall with fellow military crew members for several hours then left. He did not pick up or handle any items or stop to eat.

Additionally, the man browsed a general mobile and men’s clothing area but did not enter any other individual stores or handle any items. He did not touch any escalators or use the restroom, according to the mall. Health officials stated that although everyone in the mall will be tested the man’s visit is considered “low risk” due to his actions.

The infected soldier did not go to a second mall, as some news sources stated, but returned to his hotel. Several other soldiers in the group did visit Central Rayong Mall, however were not infected with the Covid19 Coronavirus according to test results.

Adam Judd
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