Myanmar man allegedly stabs his friend to death while heavily intoxicated in Si Racha

Si Racha-

A heavily intoxicated Myanmar man has allegedly stabbed his friend to death in Si Racha yesterday.

Nongkham Police were notified of the incident at a workers dormitory near a plastic factory in Bueng District.

Police and emergency responders arrived at the scene to find two Myanmar men who had sustained serious injuries from multiple knife related wounds. Two other Burmese men with minor wounds who were also reportedly involved in the brawl were nearby.

The group of men were heavily intoxicated according to Nongkham Police. The men were taken to a local hospital. One of them, whose name was withheld pending notice of his family, was pronounced dead at the hospital due to injuries sustained to his lungs from knife wounds.

Two other Burmese suspects who were also intoxicated had sustained minor injuries from being involved in the brawl.

The prime suspect, named only to the press as Mr. Tip, who allegedly stabbed his friend to death, told Nongkham police that they were drinking alcohol and talking about work before starting an argument relating to who worked harder. This argument escalated to a knife fight which also involved the other two Myanmar men. Tip claimed he and the victim were very good friends but they had both had too much to drink.

Mr. Tip has been charged with homicide related charges according to Nongkham Police. The other two suspects in the brawl will face lesser charges. Authorities are working on contacting the family of the victim.

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