One dead when large steel gear falls on 34 year old factory worker while sleeping in Si Racha

Si Racha-

One person is dead this week after a massive steel gear fell on him while taking a nap in what is being described by Si Racha police as a tragic accident.

Police Lieutenant Naradip Rengnate, Deputy Chief of Investigation, was notified of the incident around 4:30 PM on Sunday at a tire factory located in village number ten in the Bang Phra sub-district in Si Racha.

Mr. Theerapote Nakraksanguan, from Bangkok, 34 years old, was pronounced dead at the scene due to multiple injuries sustained after a large steel gear fell from a higher level of the factory and onto him while he was taking a nap.

Naradip stated that the incident appeared to be an accident and they had spoken to several witnesses in the factory. The gear, according to Naradip, had come loose and fallen from a storage area above Theerapote.

Theerapote’s body was taken to Laem Chabang Hospital to await his relatives to claim him for funeral rituals. Si Racha police did not state to the press if there would be any charges pressed upon the company over the incident and the Tire factory refused to release a public comment on the accident.

Photos: 77Kaoded, translated and written by The Pattaya News

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