Local Police continue heavy enforcement of bar closure and gathering rules after local market area raid Sunday night


Pattaya Police, led by Mr. Pornchai Sung-iad, Permanent Secretary, Bang Lamung District and Police Colonel Chai Narong Chai-in, Pattaya Police Station inspected multiple venues over the past two days to ensure current rules regarding Covid19 prevention are being followed.

Here is a video of the inspection:


Following an inspection on the Tree Town market on Soi Buakhao on Sunday night, police and Tree Town market owners, who were described as very cooperative, implemented multiple new measures to discourage gathering.

Police inspected the Tree Town market area on Soi Buakhao after what they stated were multiple complaints from local residents who were reportedly concerned that allegedly large groups of foreigners and Thais gathering could potentially be spreading the Covid-19 Coronavirus to Pattaya.

The Pattaya News notes that there has not been a single confirmed case of the virus in Pattaya in roughly 70 days and none in Thailand for about a month. However, the Thai government has continued to err on the cautious side and entertainment venues and entertainment related socializing and gathering remain banned. This is, however, expected to be lifted possibly in July as officials deliberate over rules for venue re-opening.

As of today, entertainment venues have been closed nationwide for coming on three and a half months.

Police stated that the market was following proper rules and procedures and was legally allowed to open, the greater concern was gatherings in the area in front of and around the market. This included people purchasing alcohol from convienence stores and using the area as an illegal meeting and gathering point, many with no masks or physical distancing. Drinking in public spaces like roads or beaches is also still banned under emergency decree laws police added.

The market complied with some police ideas to discourage gathering around their venue and has set up further barriers, restricted seating, stopped take away alcohol for the time being from cocktail carts and blocked access to the area in front of the market unless a paying customer.

Police also stated they shut the Tabu Bar and Food next to the market and the owner, who was not named, was taken to the Pattaya Police station for further questioning. According to Police, the venue, although with a valid food license, was allowing many people to drink like a pub or bar without meals and violating social distancing rules and was shut for that reason.

Police have repeatedly stated that although restaurants can legally sell alcohol currently they must not be used as a pub or bar for primarily drinking and food should accompany any beverage.

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