Proposed list of rules for bar, pub, entertainment venue opening released by Thai Government


The following is a list of proposed rules that are expected to be presented to the Center for Covid 19 Situation Administration, or CCSA on Friday for a proposed opening of bars, nightlife and entertainment in Thailand. The list was compiled based on feedback given between a meeting of prominent entertainment business owners and Thai government officials led by Gen. Natthaphon Nakphanich, Deputy Commander in Chief of the Army and Vice President yesterday morning in Bangkok.

For more on that meeting, please click here.

It is important to note that these are only proposed rules. These are not set in stone nor official until the CCSA makes it so. It is also important to remember that the CCSA has only agreed to deliberate over the proposal and despite some messages on various media to the contrary, no official date has been set at this time for a reopening of entertainment related venues.

As with restaurants and movie theaters and other venues it is likely many of these rules will be adjusted or loosened over time.

Here is the proposed list:

1. Overall level of the crowd must be controlled, no over crowded venues. An exact number of capacity level was not given.

2. Temperature screening must be done for all patrons and staff

3. Provide alcohol gel to wash hands at the entrance, gel available throughout venue and easily accessible to wash ones hands.

4. No more than 5 people in a group per table or in front of a stage for a live entertainment venue.

5. There must be a proper queue system to enter the venue for larger venues and the queue must be socially distanced.

6. Tables must be at least two meters apart OR have a partition or barrier between them.

7. Chairs must be set up at each table. People should be sitting, not standing. Chairs should not be moved and be placed one meter apart.

8. Venue must have good ventilation.

9. Only eating and drinking are allowed. No singing or dancing.

10. No bottle service. A bottle can be purchased but must be poured and ice given by a server and not stored at a table, not by a group at a table. No sharing of glasses, buckets, etc.

11. Disposable menus/no menus that everyone can touch continually.

12. All staff must wear a mask AND a face shield (See below for singer)

13. Stage or performance area should have a partition, such as a plastic partition, between the audience and performer including DJ’s. If a partition already is present that would be acceptable.

14. A singer must wear a face shield, but will not need a mask. Any one speaking on stage or a microphone must wear a face shield.

15. There must be someone, possibly security, in charge of ensuring the rules are followed.

16. Food, if served, should not be on shared plates or utensils, etc. One meal per person.

17. Toilet must be cleaned at least once an hour and completely disinfected.

18. At least once a day the entire business and every touchable service must be completely disinfected and cleaned.

19. No sort of competitions (like a dance contest or darts league).

20. No use of pool tables, darts, game cabinets or other similar items.

21. Specific smoking areas, where it applies, must be socially distanced.

22. Do not allow service staff, hostesses or PR to drink with customers.

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