Some Thai Parliament members join entertainment industry petitioners asking to let them get back to work and open nightlife venues


Kao Klai party MPs, Pakornvuth Udompipatsakul and Tunyawach Kamonwongwat, told the media at Parliament on Thursday that the Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration, or CCSA, had eased restrictions on food shops, restaurants and hotels, allowing the sale of alcoholic drinks, but is still not allowing the resuming of pubs, bars, live music venues and other entertainment venues leaving hundreds of thousands still out of work nationwide. They stated they supported getting those out of work back to work as soon as possible.

They made these statements shortly following a petition by fifty musicians who say they represent more than 100,000 musicians currently out of work nationwide because entertainment venues of all sizes remain closed and have no immediate plans to open according to the CCSA.

This also follows the powerful Thai Alcoholic Beverage Industry and Association urging the government to reopen the closed nightlife industry, even partially with smaller venues and get people back to work.

Entertainment venues were closed nationwide on March 18, 2020 as the first venues closed and remain closed over three months later.

Thailand has not had a single confirmed locally spread case of the virus in 24 days nationwide.

The CCSA, however, has declined to give a time frame for the entertainment industry and urged among the increasing pressure to open patience, stressing they needed to truly ensure the country was safe and that there could still be asymptomatic carriers of the virus.

Additionally, several top doctors advising the CCSA have suggested to fully open schools and see how they progress before allowing entertainment venues to resume.

Some schools start resuming next week, but most public schools resume July first.

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