Nearly one hundred arrested at illegal party in Bangkok, charged with violating emergency decree


Nearly one hundred people were arrested at an illegal party at an underground illegal entertainment venue in Bangkok last night.

Thailand has currently force closed all bars, pubs and entertainment venues in the country and made mass gatherings, especially those around drinking alcohol and partying, against the strict Emergency Decree laws meant to control the Covid-19 Coronavirus situation in the country.

Violators of the strict laws can face up to 2 years in prison and up to 100,000 baht fines under the current rules.

96 people in total, 64 males and 32 females were found at a two story warehouse dancing to loud music and drinking. Four were reportedly underage. 23 of the people attending the party also reportedly failed a drug test. Police stated they are also examining suspicious material found in zip-lock bags in the venue for potentially containing illegal drugs.

The raid took place at 12:30 AM this morning when fifty police officers from the Khok Khram Police Station raided an entertainment business on Pradit Manutham Road in the Beung Kum district. The venue was, according to police, not a “regular” entertainment venue and had only occasionally been used for special events and parties prior to the Covid-19 Coronavirus.

Khok Khram police stated they became aware of the raid and party after social media activity on Facebook, including live videos and photos, were brought to their attention by concerned citizens afraid that the virus could potentially be spread at the event.

Meanwhile, Thailand has not had a single confirmed locally spread case of the Covid-19 virus in 25 days, yet entertainment venues remain closed. Some comments on Thai social media regarding the party worry that more “underground” events, where it is impossible to regulate hygiene and physical distancing rules, will take place if the government does not take into consideration re-opening Thailand’s expansive and world famous nightlife industry with rules for safety.

All 96 arrested will face the strict emergency decree laws, police said. Those who tested positive for drugs will also face additional charges.

Photo Credit: The Nation

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