Thai Musicians plead to the government to re-open live entertainment style venues so they can work


A group of fifty independent Thai musicians appealed to the Thai Government today in Bangkok to allow live entertainment style venues, which is where they make most of their income, to re-open.

They filed a direct petition with the Thai Government’s official Complaint Center and have requested the petition to go directly to Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan O’ Cha.

The group’s representative, Pornphan Petrarat, stated to the Associated Thai Press that although some relief had been made for organized sit down concerts, most of the estimated 100,000 self employed musicians across Thailand play at pubs and live entertainment venues which remain closed by government order. With those venues of all shapes and sizes closed, even in parts of the country that have never had a confirmed case of the Covid-19 Coronavirus, she said that meant that 100,000 households were still unable to make ends meet.

The group also stated that there was mass confusion over the government allowing live music at restaurants and that nearly no restaurant was taking the chance as they were afraid they could be classified as an entertainment venue and shut down. The requirement for a concert is also five square meters per person, which she said nearly no restaurant had those high space requirements to fit more then a handful of customers.

The musicians have asked for the government to consider opening at least smaller pubs and bars to allow them, and hundreds of thousands of others across the nation, within seven days, specifically after the country reaches twenty eight days without a single locally spread covid-19 infection recorded or confirmed. This date, which doctors from the Thai Government have continually said is a current goal, is estimated at June 22.

The Government, however, refuses to give a time window for allowing entertainment style venues to open at this point, continuing to cite they are too risky to open.


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