Thai Government officials clarify rules for concerts- sitting only, no standing or dancing, socially distanced seating


Restrictions have been eased at multiple venues in Thailand as part of the phase four easing of rules and restrictions originally set around Covid19. Concerts can be held, but all attendees must be seated during shows.

According to the Bangkok Metropolitan area spokesman, Pol. Capt. Pongsakorn said the following about concerts:

“People ask why attendees have to sit and watch. When attending concerts, there are two to three types of tickets, including standing, stalls and seating. When there’s some viral spread because people gather, particularly when they stand in stall areas, it’s likely that they’ll be close to each other. This can cause a spread. When we allow concerts to be held, social distancing must be observed. They have to take seats instead of standing.

Additionally, he also spoke about snooker and pool halls.

“There are many questions about sports facilities, such as places for playing snooker, and related venues. Snooker venues can reopen, but no spectators are allowed. If there are musical shows after midnight and sales of alcoholic drinks, they are considered an entertainment spot, not a snooker venue. If all the measures are followed even though they take place at an entertainment venue, they’re allowed to do so.”

It is worth noting, The Pattaya News adds, that this is for the Bangkok area and rules may differ slightly for other areas. In Pattaya, for instance, there have been reports of snooker a

Source: Thai National News Bureau

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