Thailand ranks second in the world in recovery from Covid19 Coronavirus crisis according to Global Covid-19 Health Index

BANGKOK(NNT)-The Prime Minister has thanked all Thai people for their contribution to the fight against COVID-19, saying that everyone has helped place Thailand second among countries recovering best from the COVID-19 epidemic.

Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha thanked all Thai people for their discipline, strength, patience and effort to prevent the spread of the viral epidemic, that helped Thailand rank as the best placed country to have recovered from COVID-19 in Asia, and rank second among 184 countries recovering successfully from COVID-19 worldwide.

The rankings were conducted on June 11 by PEMADU Associates in cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Innovation (MOSTI) of Malaysia and the Sunway group, which used an expansive data analysis system to find out how well each country had responded to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To decide rankings, 70 percent of the score was assessed from the drive and changes of the daily situation based on the number of patients under treatment; the rate of cured patients per number of patients; the number of tests per confirmed patients and the number of tests per population of the whole country, while another 30 percent was based on statistical data collected from the Global Health Security (GHS) Index and from the ranking results above. The government is well aware that what was socially necessary during the COVID-19 epidemic was often difficult for the people but all parties cooperated very well, enabling Thailand to overcome the crisis.

See the results yourself and the full list of countries here:

Source: Thai National News Bureau

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