Sheikhul Thailand Islamic Office re-allows group prayers in mosques as part of Phase Four


The Sheikhul Islam Office of Thailand has allowed Muslims to attend prayer gatherings in mosques that are able to enforce safety and sanitary procedures. Previously, Muslims were only allowed to converge on a limited basis on Fridays to help limit the spread of COVID-19. They have been strictly following the precautionary measures.

Various mosques throughout Thailand are adhering to the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Public Health, the Sheikhul Islam Office and the provincial administration.

Muslims are advised to perform ablutions at their home, wear face masks, have their body temperature checked before entering a mosque and practice social distancing. The mosques must provide alcohol gel, a check-in and out counter as well as clear entrance and exit signs.

The Sheikhul Islam Office has reminded all places of worship that effective sanitation within the premises must be maintained. Air conditioning units and places of ablution inside mosques are to be closed, while windows should be opened to create better ventilation. Mosques are advised to remain open 15 minutes before and after each prayer session. Muslims should use their own prayer mats, and refrain from touching each other. They can raise their hands and say “salam”.

The preceding is a press release from The Thailand National News Bureau and the Sheikhul Islamic Office

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