Reader Mailbag: Where oh where have the trash cans gone on the beaches?

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Oh trash cans, oh trash cans.

Where art thou? Where have you gone?

Before Covid19 there were blue and yellow trash cans all over Pattaya Beach and Jomtien Beach.

The city, to their credit, did a pretty good job of emptying them and they helped reduce trash from the beaches overall. They seemed to have some help from bottle collectors also.

But since the lockdown and the virus and the road construction it seems basically all the trash cans have vanished on the area beaches, replaced with the occasional plastic trash bag or pile of garbage. I have rarely seen a random one here or there.

I called the city contact call center and was told that their removal is due to the virus. What virus? Pattaya is at what, nine weeks without a case? How will having a trash can spread the virus faster?

Instead, it is just causing trash to pile up on beaches and sidewalks again and garbage to be dumped anywhere.

Here is hoping they return the trash cans to the local beaches. I know this is by far not the biggest issue in the world but let’s keep Pattaya beautiful.


Photo credit Pattaya Law Enforcement.

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