Thailand about to reach 14 days with no new confirmed locally spread Covid19 cases but Thai Government states they want to reach 28 days


Thailand is on the verge of hitting fourteen days in a row nationwide with no new confirmed locally spread cases of the Covid-19 Coronavirus but the Government watchdog for the virus has warned this is only halfway to their current goal.

If Thailand finds no new confirmed locally spread cases tomorrow, the country will hit fourteen days in a row, according to Dr. Panprapa Yongtrakul, the assistant spokesperson of the Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration.

However, this does not put the country in the clear, she stated to the press today, and the goal of the CCSA currently was to reach at least 28 days in a row, which is believed to be at least two incubation periods of the virus.

This follows similar goals for provinces in Thailand to be removed as red zones and deemed “clear” of recorded, confirmed cases of the virus.

She warned that usage of masks specifically was slipping in the country although hand washing and sanitizer usage remained consistent. She said the CCSA did not want people to assume that just because no cases were recorded that there could not be asymptomatic carriers in the population.

In regards to hitting fourteen days overall, the CCSA has said it is a good trend and shows the hard work of the country and people is paying off but warned that if they let their guard down now they risk all the work they have done to this point.

The CCSA has also defended critics who claim they have not tested enough, stating they are testing thousands of people daily internally, not just those returning from overseas, concentrating on high risk groups and those who interact with many people. In weeks of testing, no signs of the virus have been found since two weeks prior locally in the thousands of tests completed.

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