Pattaya Police arrest man wearing only boxer shorts causing public incident on highway this morning-Video


Pattaya Police responded to calls from concerned citizens of a Thai man acting erratically in the middle of Sukhimwit Road at 3:30 AM this morning.

The man, who did not have identification and would not give his full name, appeared to be in his mid thirties and was wearing only boxer shorts. The man was heavily tattooed.

Here is a video of the arrest:

The man was screaming and yelling at traffic and running around the highway, causing police and drivers to be afraid there would be a further incident.

The man mostly cooperated when arrested but claimed the police would kill him and murder him.

Pattaya Police arrested the man for a public disturbance. He was taken to the Pattaya Police for a drug test as officers believed the man was under the influence of illegal drugs based on his behavior.

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