Prime Minister says when International travel re-opens in Thailand will be specific countries allowed at first and will move cautiously


The Thai Prime Minister, Prayut Chan-O-Cha, spoke this afternoon during a press conference given in Bangkok, addressing the matter of International travel possibly opening up in July.

We wrote an extensive fact checked guide on this and what it means and doesn’t mean late last month here.

The Prime Minister stated that, firstly, a decision had not been made in any shape or form with the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand, or CAAT, on reopening airspace to international flights in July. This corresponds with our article above, The Pattaya News Notes. It is not likely a decision will be made by the Cabinet and CAAT until near the end of this month, June.

When international flights are re-opened, contrary to some media reports, it will be nowhere near open and will be careful, controlled and cautious according to the Prime Minister. Foreign Work permit holders in certain occupations will likely be the first in line, along with some diplomats, to return to the country. They will still likely face a range of measures including a fourteen day state quarantine upon arrival, which in most circumstances would be at their expense.

The Prime Minister said that the government will enter into agreements, a so called travel bubble, with other governments to allow those citizens to visit first in the future. He declined to state what countries or time-frame were being considered, however, the CCSA has previously said those countries who have controlled the virus well and have a low to no number of recorded cases would be the first ones considered. Countries with widespread outbreaks and high numbers of the virus would be lower on the list.

The Prime Minister stated that reports of there being “free movement” to restart the tourism industry were false and that the government did not do all the work they have done to get the virus to near zero cases to just possibly reintroduce the virus into the country through rushing to get the tourism industry restarted.

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