Pattaya City leaders remain committed to the nightlife industry and Walking Street, developing new landscape design for the area


Pattaya City leaders, led by the Mayor held a meeting this afternoon with prominent business leaders and officials to discuss proposals on modernizing and improving the look and feel of the world famous Walking Street.

The meeting was held early afternoon today at Pattaya City Hall and was led by the Pattaya City Mayor Sonthaya Khunpluem and the Pattaya Walking Street business operators.

Mayor Sonthaya stated in the meeting and to the press “The redesign needs to be smart and modern as well as aesthetically pleasing.”

“Moreover, the design should not cause negative effects to people lives and the overall fascination and atmosphere of the neon lights and vibe of Walking Street.”

“The development should make the walking street become alive both day and night. Currently, the street looks alive and modern at night but suffers badly during the daytime. We have plans to make the street strongly appealing during the daytime as well.”

“Pattaya is the one of the world’s most famous tourism destinations which attracts millions of visitors yearly in normal times and has generated a lot of income into Thailand. We are committed to modernizing the look and feel of the area as well as wanting to reassure nervous business owners that leaders are committed to keeping nightlife and entertainment venues a core attraction of the city.” The Mayor concluded.

Pattaya has previously discussed plans for Walking street in prior years involving total change of the seaside portion of the street due to potential land ownership issues but the Mayor has stated that the city is firmly committed to the street and its location as it is a world famous landmark of Pattaya and the city.

The plan is currently in early proposal stages and The Pattaya News stresses these designs and images are by no means guaranteed or final.

All nightlife venues and bars remain force closed at this moment due to Covid19, despite not a single case in Pattaya in almost sixty days, but Mayor Khunpluem stated that they would reopen as soon as the Thai Government and CCSA deemed it was safe to do so.

The plan includes not only a partial roof but a complete redesign of the pavement and road to make it stand out, a new entry and exit gate, special manhole covers and drains and new designs for poles and other eyesores on the street.

Adam Judd
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