400 more Thai nationals repatriated from overseas arrive for quarantine in Pattaya: Full quarantine details


Pattaya has welcomed roughly four hundred more Thai Nationals who have recently been repatriated from overseas this week.

Pattaya is one of the major state quarantine areas for Thailand with seven hotels currently serving as state quarantine centers.

Thailand requires all Thai nationals currently returning from overseas to complete a mandatory fourteen day quarantine in a state approved facility.

Individuals in state quarantine have no exposure to the general public and may not leave the hotels or quarantine centers, Chonburi officials told the Pattaya News and associated press. They are confined to their rooms and are not allowed any visitors during the quarantine period.

The staff working in the hotels and quarantine centers are required to wear hazmat suits when interacting with those under quarantine and all possible safety standards are followed, officials added, reassuring local residents there is no risk of the Covid-19 virus entering the general public of Pattaya.

Current hotels being used are the Ambassador Cody Hotel Jomtien, Jomtien Palm Beach, Brighton Grand Pattaya, Jomtien Holiday Inn, the Bay Beach Resort, The Beverly Pattaya, and Le Pali. The Grand Bella has also been used as a field hospital for those who test positive for the Covid-19 Coronavirus.

The chart below details the number of patients who test positive for Covid-19 after arriving from overseas in the Chonburi area. A total of 19 patients are currently being treated in our area for the virus, with five having fully recovered and released.

It is important to note there has been no recorded or confirmed cases of local spread of Covid-19 in over a month in Pattaya and Chonburi.

Officials from the Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration have stated to the press that since many (but not all) returnees arrive via U-Tapeo airport and Pattaya has a significant amount of empty hotels, as well as is in close proximity to the Sattahip Naval base where military personnel can provide assistance at the quarantine centers, that Pattaya is a perfect fit for quarantine centers.

Before being released from the centers the detainees must also test negative for the Covid-19 Coronavirus, Chonburi officials also stated to the associated press earlier this week.

Pattaya has had over 2000 people returning from overseas go through the quarantine process locally. A total of 24 tested positive for the Covid19 Coronavirus, according to Chonburi officials.

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