Thai Chana Covid19 tracing platform expanding out of malls, now being seen at convienence stores


The Thai Chana (Victory in Thai language) tracing platform that requires one to scan a QR code on the LINE application and check in and check out of retailers has expanded and can now be seen at many retailers and convienence stores in the Pattaya area.

The Pattaya News personally visited three Family Marts in the area yesterday after feedback was received from readers and found all three required usage of the application to enter the store, even for a quick purchase. Several readers also told the Pattaya News a few local seven elevens have started the check in as well.

For those who don’t have a phone, there is an option to enter your name and information on a sign in and sign out sheet.

Critics of the platform claim that it could violate their policy, however the Thai Government has vehemently refused this. You can read more about that below:

Some critics of the platform have posted on social media that it causes lines, especially from people who do not understand technology or have many questions for staff about privacy that they cannot answer.

Usage of the application from a personal perspective is voluntary. However, to enter an increasing amount of businesses the application, or at least entering your information on a piece of paper, is mandatory.

As more businesses likely prepare to lock in the coming weeks it is nearly certain that the application will be a critical tool for high risk venues like bars and Nightclubs to be allowed to reopen. This has also caused additional concern on lines to get in and out.

The Pattaya News has seen, however, a fair share of supporters of the application as well, stating that once someone knows what to do and where to go on their phone the process takes only a few seconds at best. Others in support of the application have stated that they believe being able to identify those who were in a venue that a Covid19 person visited for testing is also critical to the Thai Government’s strategy.

Thailand recorded a total of zero new cases of the Covid19 virus today nationwide.

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