Si Racha restaurant and fitness center thief arrested

Si Racha –
A thief has been arrested after reportedly admitting to stealing from a closed restaurant and fitness center in Si Racha.

The Borwin Police have arrested a 42 year old Thai man named ‘Sak’ (only nickname given to the press) who has reportedly stolen from a restaurant named ‘Bin Lah’ in Khao Kanthong. Sak was an employee of the restaurant.

Police arrested the suspect at a warehouse where they also allegedly found a small amount of crystal methamphetamine.

Police also seized two 32 inches televisions with an estimated cost of about 35,000 baht and a computer with an estimated cost about 25,000 baht which Sak had allegedly recently stolen from ‘The Monkey Fitness’, which was closed due to the Covid19 Coronavirus Situation.

He is facing multiple charges of theft, breaking and entering and a single count of drug possession.

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