Reader Mailbag: Concerns about the humanitarian disaster I am seeing develop in Pattaya

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Hello Pattaya News and readers,

Firstly thank you so much for your coverage of recent events in the city as it has been accurate and first class. However, i must register my concerns with you with the humanitarian disaster that is going to hit the region in the coming months. It has clearly started now and the queues at the food stations are getting longer and longer.

Local business has been amazing helping but surely if the city remains being off limits to all and sundries then their good will (and the means) will disappear.

To be brutally honest overseas visitors into the city will be at a minimum between now and xmas and opening the bars and tourist attractions or not, it’s not going to get much better.

Firstly quarantine restrictions and secondly the global economy is going to naturally cut long haul holidays. There is very little we can do but the real thing that concerns me is that, to me, the local authorities seem to have no action plan to start the seeds of local economic recovery.

They have been brilliant in stomping out the disease yet they now appear obsessed with stopping it reappearing, getting a zero number of cases nationwide and are not looking at the bigger picture.

The beach closure issue is pure farce as if we are to trust the national statistics the chances of a Thai coming here and re infecting us are extremely long. (Referring to the stated official reason of closing the Pattaya area beaches to avoid domestic travel of Thai’s from other provinces)

Any one Thai or Foreign who wants to come into this city to spend their money in order to get local business should be welcomed. These businesses are the people who will firstly re employ the jobless and secondly make more charitable gestures.

The local authorities to need to change their attitudes now to “lets get the city recovering”…..Just my two cents-

Richard T.

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