New Thai driver’s licenses and renewal services suspended until further notice


The Department of Land Transport, (DLT) despite the re-opening of many offices in provinces across the country, including Chonburi, recently have announced that effective tomorrow, May 7th, all new and renewal services for Thai driver’s licenses will not be available.

This suspension of services will continue until the end of the current Thai Government Emergency Decree to control the spread of the Covid-19 Coronavirus or further notice from the DLT.

The reason for the closure of services is to discourage travel from one province or district to another, as currently not every area in the country is considered free from the Covid-19 Coronavirus disease and officials have stated people should not be traveling unless the reason is critically essential.

Additionally, DLT officials stated they needed further time to ensure that their offices and services properly met all hygiene and physical distance standards that will be required.

The DLT also stated that those who have had licenses expire since January 2nd of this year will be temporarily valid during the current period of the Emergency Decree.

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