Pattaya City Police Chief discusses Charity food events and growing numbers of needy in Pattaya


This afternoon Pattaya City Police Chief Khemmarin Pissamai spoke with The Pattaya News and Associated Press to discuss the growing numbers of people attending charity food events in Pattaya during the Covid-19 Coronavirus Crisis.

Over the past several weeks, many local businesses, private individuals and the Pattaya City Government have been providing charity food kitchens and helping the hungry and needy in Pattaya City. Since the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak in mid March, the vast majority of businesses in Pattaya have closed. Pattaya is a world famous tourist town visited by millions yearly and is renowned for its nightlife and entertainment industry with a reputation as one of the largest party cities in the world. Under rules and restrictions meant to help control the possible spread of the Covid-19 Coronavirus, the cities thousands of bars, nightclubs, strip clubs, karaoke lounges, beaches, concert venues, hotels, malls, restaurants and tourist attractions have closed, putting an estimated 80-90 percent of the city out of work. Only essential businesses remain open, such as supermarkets and 7-11’s and even many of them have chosen to close due to lack of customers in the city.

Chief Khemmarin stated that many private and public organizations and individuals, including City Hall, were assisting during the crisis by providing donations of fresh and dried food and helping those in need.

He stated to the press that the last thing the Pattaya Police wanted to do was shut down any of these events and that he and his team truly appreciated the great work everyone was conducting together to assist the community. However, he also stated that organizers MUST contact and inform the City administration to inform his team by calling the local call center, 1337, at a bare minimum 24 hours before any event. This was not for permission to conduct the event but to provide support in the form of officers to help physically distance those who attend and ensure that hygiene standards were being conducted.

Several events had issues with informing the city in advance, the Chief admitted, and had to be shut down due to lack of physical distancing and organization. They didn’t like doing this and did not want anyone to be disappointed so he wanted to make it clear that they were here to help with the process of giving to the community. In most of these cases, only a soft warning was given.

Police Chief Khemmarin also said that he was sure that Pattaya would return to being a world famous tourism destination and that he was truly awed by the great work the community and local leaders were doing to help those in need. The Pattaya News has attended multiple events where the Pattaya City Police were helping assist and in all cases they were professional, well organized and truly helping those in need.



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