Fact Check: Are all restrictions and orders lifted for Chonburi and eased May 1?


Thai media has widely shared the news that a “new order” has been issued by the Chonburi Governor to lift all restrictions and orders for Chonburi on May 1 over the past day. We posted several social media notices on the actual situation but wanted to take time to inform the public through an article.

The order in question is below:

For those who read Thai, one can clearly see that the date of the order is April 14. We originally reported on this order the day it came out and were one of the first news organizations to do so.

Here is our original article:


Additionally, the Chonburi Public Relations issued a photo that was widely shared seemingly indicating that they wished ALL businesses to reopen on May 1.

This photo is the main reason the news has hit many media sources once more. Yesterday, a slight change was made to the photo and the original removed. The change added a single line, in red near the top. The line basically says that this statement of wanting to open everything is based on the national and local Covid19 situation and direction. Essentially, it’s a disclaimer. The change caused the original notice and photo to appear in many alerts and feeds and it is clear many did not read the disclaimer or the date of the original notice. Here is the photo:

Also, several days ago, Chonburi PR and the Anti Fake News Center released a clarification about the original order and the photo. We also made an article about that here:


So, what is announced?

Quite simply, the current orders and restrictions DO expire on May 1. That much is a fact. That was the main purpose of the original order as over a dozen separate orders to control the Covid19 situation had previously been issued with different end dates.

Chonburi would like to start to reopen things, however, it is dependent on many other factors and national direction. At this time NO announcements have been made officially on what will or will not be lifted, if anything. One note, however, barber salons and electronic and appliance stores were previously given permission to open in Chonburi and many have reopened. Some media reported today that Nan province is the first in Thailand to allow these to open but it was actually Chonburi.

It is nearly certain that new orders will be issued before May 1.

Those orders will likely be decided on after the Nation makes a decision on extending the Emergency Decree. That will likely come Tuesday. You can read more on that here:


In conclusion, at this time there is no guarantee that anything will be allowed to open or what, if any restrictions will be lifted fully in Chonburi on May first. We will keep you updated here at the Pattaya News throughout next week.

Adam Judd
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