Thai Prime Minister says he will not bow to growing public pressure around easing restrictions and closures and that the health of the country comes first


The Prime Minister of Thailand, Prayut Chan-O-Cha, stated yesterday afternoon from the Government House in Bangkok that he will not bow to increasing private and public pressure on easing restrictions and closures of business caused by rules to control the Covid19 Coronavirus.

In a public address following a meeting by the Thai Cabinet that was centered around measures being taken to control the Covid-19 Coronavirus, Prime Minister Prayut stated that the priority was the health of the people and that although he deeply sympathized and understood the pain of the people, with an estimated ten million out of work currently, that he must ensure a potential deadly second wave doesn’t take place first before reopening a large majority of the countries economy.

Prime Minister Prayut also stated that government officials were being asked to find ways to help the millions out of work and with closed businesses without simply going down the financial aid direction and giving out more money. He gave an example such as alleviating electricity bills for certain groups.

He also suggested that private business owners who want to reopen their businesses give suggestions to the government on how openings could possibly be done in medium and high risk areas, such as shopping and entertainment, while still ensuring social distancing, hygiene measures and other actions to control the spread of Covid-19. The prime minister added that if a business could not find a way to do so they would not be able to open in the near future.

The Prime Minister also thanked the many private sector individuals and businesses that were helping with charity events across the nation and helping those in need but urged them to ensure they contacted their local authorities and followed proper social distancing and line management strategies at their events.

He concluded with saying the Cabinet and the CCSA (Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration) would meet at the end of the month to discuss any possible easing of restrictions or closures.

Adam Judd
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