Thief steals motorbike at food stall in Banglamung


Banglamung Police are hunting for a suspect who stole a motorbike while he was waiting in line to buy food at a minced pork stall in Nongprue last night.

The Nongprue Police was notified of the incident at 8:00 PM last night at an E- san food stall called ‘Larb Roi-Et’.

Police and The Pattaya News arrived at the scene shortly after a phone call from the food stall vendors and the victim of the incident, whose name has been withheld at their request.

Witnesses told The Pattaya News the suspect was buying food at the restaurant when he took what was described as a crime of opportunity, seeing an unattended motorbike nearby with the key in the ignition.

The man allegedly leapt onto the unattended motorbike which was owned by another patron of the food stall and fled the scene. Nongprue Police are reviewing CCTV in the area to help determine the identity of the thief and conduct an extended investigation.

Nongprue Police also issued a warning to the public to be especially careful with ones possessions during these difficult economic times. Due to the COVID19 Coronavirus crisis, the majority of local residents are out work and most businesses are closed and deemed non essential. As a result, according to the Nongprue Police, crimes of opportunity by those in economic trouble have increased significantly.

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