Night Wish Group to provide food for the needy next week on Soi 6


The Night Wish Group will be giving away 400-500 meals per day at Nature Bar on Soi 6 for 8 days next week to give support to the needy and unemployed in Pattaya during the current Covid19 crisis.

Thank you to Sam Khanijou (local landlord and business owner) for sponsoring 1 day and Dany Gombert for sponsoring 1 day ontop. (Local bar/gogo builder) 

Also Per Mts (aka silverfox) is paying for another day.

The initial days aim will be three hundred meals a day with the eventual goal to provide five hundred as demand rises to support those in need. All who are in need and hungry are welcome to attend. Donations of food and supplies are also welcome.

The meals will be given at 1:00 PM each day from April 18 to April 26 at Nature Bar on Soi 6. Many members of the Night Wish Group will be on hand to help participate and support those in need.

Social Distancing standards will be adhered to and the group will ensure proper hygiene standards, including face masks, hand sanitizer, temperature checks and gloves, are in place.

Nature Bar is a large double unit bar located nearly in the middle of Soi 6, easily reached by Beach or Second Road.

All who are hungry and in need at this time are welcome to attend.

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