Banglamung woman allegedly seriously injured by boyfriend in domestic incident

A local Thai woman has sustained multiple facial and arm injuries after allegedly trying to get her ten month old baby back from her boyfriend and his wife in Rayong.

Ms. Pirawan (Last name withheld for her protection), 27 years old, reported to the Banglamung Police this afternoon.

She told Banglamung police that the incident in question took place yesterday. Ms Pirawan, her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s wife have lived happily together for about three years in a functioning multiple partner relationship, according to her report to Banglamung Police.

Recently there was an intense personal argument whose nature she did not disclose to the press before her boyfriend and his wife allegedly took her ten month old child from her. She followed them to Rayong where she was allegedly attacked by them.

She is worried about her daughter with the hope that they will give her daughter back to her and has retained the services of a lawyer. Police are investigating the incident and reaching out to the other parties involved to get a statement from them.

This is a developing story and we will provide more details as they arise in the case.

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