Daily proactive testing for Covid-19 continues in Pattaya and at the Grand Bella Hotel of high risk groups


As previously announced by The Pattaya News and on the Covid-19 Pattaya response Facebook page, Pattaya has begun carrying out roughly two hundred proactive Covid-19 coronavirus tests a day, using a “lamp test” which requires only one test and gives results in 24 hours, on high risk groups in the area at the Grand Bella Hotel. The goal from the Ministry of Public Health currently is to conduct 2,000 random proactive tests on high risk groups in Pattaya to determine if the area has an underlying problem with Covid-19, especially in asymptomatic cases.

Proactive testing has been limited so far in Thailand overall, however has now started in Phuket and Pattaya which have been identified as high risk “red zones” due to the amount of foreign and domestic tourists who frequently travel.

These proactive tests, which are free, and include a stay at the Grand Bella while under investigation, are being chosen from people that fall into several high risk groups such as:

-People who have recently arrived in Pattaya or Chonburi, including domestic and foreign tourists from other countries and provinces. As of a week ago there were still 2,800 foreign and domestic tourists in Pattaya, that number is expected to have now grown smaller.

-People who work at areas that have still had large gatherings of people or many numbers of foreigners. (Many Immigration officers have already been tested)

-Residents of condos and hotels that have had confirmed positive tests of Covid-19

-Employees and customers of businesses that have had confirmed visits by Covid-19 patients

-A wider band of contacts of confirmed Covid-19 patients and not just close personal contacts like relatives.

If you believe you are in a high risk group and are interested in being tested you can call the following number below. There is no guarantee of being selected to be tested:

Contact us to request an examination according to the criteria at the Pattaya Disease Control Department. ☎️038-429166

This comes as Pattaya City prepares to lockdown the core parts of Pattaya, Jomtien and Naklua tomorrow. This action is to help assist in selecting and inviting people for proactive testing. You can read more about this here:

New checkpoint areas determined for Pattaya, will be in place by Tuesday of next week

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