Soi Dog Foundation distributes over 11 tons of food to stray animal feeders across Phuket


In preparation for an island-wide lockdown from April 13-26, Soi Dog Foundation distributed over 11 tonnes of dog and cat food to stray animal feeders across Phuket this week. (April 9).

A fleet of animal rescue vehicles delivered 470 large bags of dog food and 140 large bags of cat food to popular feeding hotspots, such as temples, as well as to feeders directly.

Soi Dog has long provided food to the island’s feeders through its Community Outreach Programme; however, food was provided urgently and in much greater quantities yesterday as the lockdown, once in force, could severely restrict the foundation’s movements. Taking no chances, the food provided should be sufficient to cover feeders for around six weeks.

Many stray dogs and cats rely on feeders, restaurants and passing tourists for food and water. However, with some feeders unable to travel to certain areas due to the lockdown, with restaurants closed and with tourism grinding to a halt, many of these animals will be unable to find sustenance such as they would normally.

This puts them at risk of straying into new areas where they are unwanted, competing for food amongst their packs or starving. However, with regular feeders in place, these risks are greatly reduced.

In a recent press release, Soi Dog also encouraged local communities to look out for the stray animals in their neighbourhoods by leaving out bowls of food and clean water and monitoring any changes in their health.

Soi Dog is determined that, even in these dire circumstances, no animal is left behind.

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