Thai Ministry of Interior tells Provincial Governors to take urgent measures to prepare for potential further Covid-19 restrictions and measures


Yesterday afternoon, the Thai Ministry of Interior Permanent Secretary,  Mr. Chatchai Phromlert, sent an urgent official communication to all the Provincial Governors of Thailand, informing them that the National Covid-19 Coronavirus Disease Management Center has asked for the following measures to be addressed immediately and urgently.

These measures are in accordance with overall stepped up measures to help stop the spread of Covid-19 and encourage social distancing.

The measures announced were:

  1. Prepare a local quarantine area. This must include an investigation/detention center, field hospital, food, beverage, donation points and public relations points for news providers and news outlets. If there are budgetary restrictions potentially preventing these actions the Provincial Governor must immediately report to the Ministry of Interior for an expanded line of credit to help address these urgent actions.
  2. Ensure it is made very clear by local, regional and provincial Governor’s that the message should be Do Not Travel unless completely essential. Checkpoints should be in place and all officials should be working to ensure that people are encouraged to stay at home and practice social distancing. All officials should also have and rehearse a disaster response plan. Editor’s Note: There is no current National ban on travel, however several provinces have taken stricter measures.
  3. Measures should be in place to prevent stockpiling of essential goods and hoarding, especially those who wish to profit by reselling needed goods. If an offense is found, it should be strictly prosecuted per the law.
  4. Plan for a transportation system of essential goods, such as food and medicine and clearly state and develop points for food and beverages to be given to residents who need assistance.
  5. All Provinces must report to the Ministry of Interior on the status of their current plans by 6:00 PM every day.

The Prime Minister has previously stated last week that if the country does not see improvement in regards to the control of the spread of Covid-19 and if people are not voluntary complying with advice to socially distance that stricter measures may take place, including potentially expanding curfews and limiting gatherings and travel further.

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