All Thai Nationals who refused quarantine leading to three day banning of incoming flights turn themselves in


Following a proclamation from the Thai Prime Minister, Prayut Chan-O-Cha, yesterday ordering over 150 Thai Nationals who refused quarantine in Bangkok to turn themselves into Thai authorities by 6:00 PM or face potential high penalties, every single one of the individuals submitted to quarantine.

This follows the group of International passengers, who had recently returned from overseas and such countries as Japan, Singapore, Qatar and the United States, having a four hour standoff with airport, police and Thai military officials at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok on Friday night. You can read more about that story here:

Thailand bans nearly all incoming passenger aircraft for three days after group of returning Thai’s refuse quarantine

The dispute over entering quarantine was, according to the passengers, due to lack of clarity of procedures before flying in, with many saying they were not told they would have to enter quarantine and thought they would be allowed to “self-isolate” at home. Although some of the passengers submitted to the procedures, many were able to leave the airport, which has also led to an investigation of officials who allegedly allowed the passengers to do so against health care officials advice. Meanwhile, Thai Embassy officials in the countries of the origination of the travel of the passengers told the press and the Thai Government they had been very clear about the quarantine procedures to those entering the country and that all passengers had been informed it would be compulsory and not “advised”.

The passengers, who caused a nationwide panic and outrage when social media users discovered that they had left Suvarnabhumi airport without a mandatory quarantine, will be monitored in several different locations for two weeks, including the Royal Thai Navy base in Sattahip, Chonburi.



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