Chonburi releases official order with list of new closures and restrictions, including hotels and beaches


The Chonburi Governor, , officially released a new order this morning with an extended list of closures and restrictions for the Chonburi area, which includes Pattaya. These restrictions and closures are designed to help encourage social distancing and prevent the spread of the Covid-19 Coronavirus in the Chonburi area.

The Pattaya News originally reported this order was being drafted and coming yesterday, that article can be found here:

The list of measures and changes is not dramatically different than the summary we provided yesterday, however, the following is now official and effective IMMEDIATELY. The order is until the situation improves, with no expiration date.:

-Closure of all hotels in Chonburi. This includes any establishment that is similar to a hotel, such as a guesthouse or a bed and breakfast. Additionally, employees of the hotel must stay in the Chonburi area during the closure for potential contact tracing. If a hotel still has guests, they must inform the local jurisdiction office within three business days or if they wish to stay open for current guests. (Editor’s Note: There has been some confusion about the hotel closures. This has been pushed by the Eastern Seaboard Hotel Association for several weeks now as most hotels occupancy rates are near 0 in Chonburi. However, without an official closure notice from the Government, the hotel and staff can get no Social Security benefits from the current situation and many hotels face having to lay off staff or close the business. By ordering the close, this effectively saves many hotels by enabling them to collect additional benefits and tax breaks.)

-Closure of all beaches in Chonburi. There is no exception for swimming, like was originally discussed. Total closure of the beach and beach activities.

-Gas stations closed between 22:00-05:00 daily.

-All special markets that are not open for trading every day are closed. Markets that are normally open daily should be providing food only, per previous orders, and no seating or areas for people to socialize. Proper hygiene standards must be in place.

-Tattoo shops and body piercing shops are closed.

-The reservoirs are closed to the public for all activities, including fishing, biking, walking, exercising, etc.

-Pattaya City and Banglamung will have additional checkpoints for all people entering and exiting the area. Pattaya City and Banglamung will decide on the specific measures for these checkpoints and what processes will be in place. This information will likely be released by the Pattaya City Government later today.

-The Department of Land Transport Tax Office is open only for drive through service. All non essential services are closed.

-The Provincial Commercial office is not providing any walk in services, only electronic online forms.

-Banglamung District Land office is closed. Any one who visited the office on March 24 is asked to self quarantine for fourteen days. If they have symptoms of illness they must seek medical attention immediately. A Russian woman confirmed with Covid-19 visited the Land Office on that date.

-All previous venues and places ordered closed must remain closed. This includes entertainment venues, restaurants for dine-in and non essential stores in malls and department stores.

-There was no mention of a Chonburi specific curfew, which means the province has decided to adhere to the National curfew of 10:00PM to 4:00AM.

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