Government Covid19 Center says no Bangkok shutdowns, curfews or lockdowns needed at this time, warns against April Fool’s day jokes


An official from the Thai Government’s Covid19 Administration Center addressed the public today and said in an agreement with Bangkok officials at this time they feel there is no need for further lockdowns, a stay at home order or shutdowns in Bangkok.

He also gave a warning on April Fool’s Day, which is tomorrow.

Taweesin Visanuyothin, who is a spokesman for the Covid19 center, spoke to the press this afternoon about both of these issues.

He said that due to cases of Covid-19 not showing exponential growth, being at a steady level and successful tracking and tracing happening that they have agreed with Bangkok officials not to press any further restrictions on Bangkok at this time such as a curfew or lockdown.

He also gave a stern warning that anyone making a joke about Covid-19 or using it for an April fool’s day prank, which starts at midnight tonight, will face the full penalities of Thai law under the emergency decree. He advised people to take a break from April Fool’s jokes this year and treat the situation seriously.

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