Thai Prime Minister orders egg price monitoring, investigates hoarding claims

BANGKOK (NNT) – Since the invocation of the Emergency Decree over COVID-19, many people have been stocking up with necessary items, including chicken eggs, resulting in shortages in some areas, and some sellers have been exploiting this situation by profiteering.

Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha has ordered the Ministry of Commerce to investigate and prevent the exploitation of the situation for profit. The Ministry will be investigating the entire egg supply chain, from farms to the hands of customers, ensuring fairness to all.

Officials from the Ministry of Commerce have inspected Kanokwan Farm, a large chicken egg producer in Nakhon Sawan, reported to be selling eggs at unreasonably high prices. They have filed a report at Nong Krod Police Station to launch formal prosecution.

The officials have also inspected Chanomporn Farm in Nakhon Pathom, where the owner has admitted to selling eggs above the regular price, raising it to 3.8 baht from 2.8 baht per egg. The farm was still selling 300,000 eggs at the time of inspection.

In Phitsanulok, commercial affairs officials have inspected an egg shop in Phitsanulok city, located by the railway, after receiving complaints from the public alleging that the shop sells a pack of eggs at 140 baht, which is considerably higher than the regular price.

The shop has been charged with a violation to the Price of Goods and Services Act BE 2542, which could result in up to 7 years imprisonment, or up to 140,000 baht in fines, or both.

Adam Judd
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