Thailand reports 106 new confirmed cases of Covid-19 Coronavirus, three additional deaths


At a press conference by the Ministry of Public Health and Department of Disease Control this morning officials with both agencies confirmed a total of 106 new confirmed cases of novel Covid-19 Coronavirus as well as three additional deaths.

All three deaths had pre-existing health conditions, officials told the press.

The cases confirmed today are as follows:

Group 1- Cases identified from previous clusters

  • Boxing gym stadium cluster 5
  • Nightclub cluster in Bangkok 6
  • Previous Contacts with confirmed cases such as relatives 12
  • Religious ceremony in Malaysia 2
  • Group 2
  • 20 back from abroad, mostly caught at the airport
  • People working primarily with foreigners 10
  • Medical staff 4

The remaining cases are being contact traced and identified fully.

The three additional deaths were two seventy year old patients and one 45 year old patient. All three had pre-existing health conditions. The 45 year old victim had tuberculosis.

Additionally, four doctors have caught the virus, being the first medical staff infected since the outbreak.

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