All Thai National Parks to close nationwide as of March 25 due to Covid19 Coronavirus

Bangkok 12:30 AM – 

The Minister of Natural Resources and Environment has ordered to close all the national parks nationwide from the 25 of March until the situation with the novel Covid-19 Coronavirus improves.

On March 23, Mr. Warawut Silpa-archa, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, revealed that at a meeting of the Ministry of Management the difficult decision to close all parks nationwide was made.

The decision is being made due to the amount of people who have been gathering en masse at the parks after being laid off of work, with millions out of a job nationwide.

In the past several days many parks have seen record attendance as thousands of people visit throughout the country, primarily due to the fact many other places to go and things to do are closed. This has raised concerns on people not socially distancing properly as requested by the Thai government.

This does not include beaches, which are public land and would need an order from the Ministry of the Interior.

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