Pattaya City releases very detailed report in English on Covid-19 situation in Pattaya, highlights here


Pattaya City leadership, in conjunction with the Chonburi provincial government, released an extensive eleven page report today in English which gives specific details about the cases and situation in Pattaya as well as specific steps being taken to ensure the Covid-19 Coronavirus does not spread in the Pattaya area.

If you wish to read the entire report, here is the link to it from our social media pages:

Here are some of the highlights of the report:

-Ten cases total in Chonburi since the start of the outbreak

-Eight were from the recent boxing stadium cluster in Bangkok

-Two were people recently back from Italy. These cases are nearly three weeks old and are believed to be properly contained. All contacts were quarantined, tested and tested negative.

-A Belgium man who recently returned from Belgium visited Pattaya for one day, stayed at a hotel in Pattaya and visited an open air beer bar on Soi 8. All people he made contact with were contact traced and isolated, none have tested positive at this time. This case is about two weeks old and looks to have been mostly contained, with the nurse exception below. The wife and family of the Belgium man tested negative and were quarantined.

-Pattaya Memorial Hospital had several staff treat the Belgium man, one medical assistant has a fever and is currently under investigation and isolated. She is in the process of being tested.

-Pattaya has been training and providing support to many businesses in the Pattaya area to ensure the proper hygiene and safety standards are being followed.

-Pattaya has been in the process of a massive city wide cleaning and disinfecting project

-A 20 year old lady from Hong Kong who had recently arrived refused to self isolate and was caught by people assigned to watch her and ensure she self isolated on Soi Khao Noi after recently arriving in the country. She was returned to her residence and warned that if she continues to try to leave her place of residence will face up to one year in jail and up to a 100,000 baht fine.

The Pattaya News would like to thank Pattaya City for the extensive and transparent report showing that they care for our local residents and tourists. Further reports will be coming as the situation continues.

Here is a link to Pattaya City’s official Facebook for their Covid-19 Response:

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