Chonburi Governor officially signs closure order of additional places to stop Covid-19 spread, asks for people to stay off the beaches from 8PM to 6AM, market restrictions


The Chonburi Governor has officially signed a closure order for several additional businesses, effective today until “The situation improves” to help prevent any spread of Covid-19 in the Pattaya and Chonburi area.

We first mentioned this being presented to the Governor yesterday afternoon in this article:

The order includes the following:

-Closure of water parks/public swimming pools (Privately owned ones are up to private owners, including condos. Some condos have chosen to close, some have not. This is up to condominium management.)

-Closure of amusement parks (This appears to include public playgrounds as well)

-Closure of amulet and trinket markets

-Closure of internet shops and gaming cafes

-Closure of Pool halls, Chess Clubs, Snooker halls, Darts clubs and other types of attractions of this nature that causes people to gather

-Closure of Arcades and entertainment style tourist attractions

-Closure of Bowling alleys

This is in addition to all entertainment style venues previously being ordered closed. Of note, the previous closure end date was April 1st. Officially, this has not changed but at this point is likely to be “until the situation improves as well”.

The order also states that people should refrain from gathering on all Chonburi Beaches from 8:00PM-6:00AM. It is of note, however, that this is not an order but a request as public beaches are owned by the Ministry of Interior and is public land and would require a decree from the absolute top level of authority in the country to close which would affect the entire nation. At this point, this order has not, and is unlikely to be, given.

The order also says Golf courses may stay open but all clubhouses, tournaments, contests and meeting style activities must be closed and are prohibited. Precautions must be taken and large groups of golfers are prohibited.

The order says that beaches must ensure at least 1.5 meters between beach chairs and the chairs must only be used during daylight hours.

The order also addresses markets, many of which have been very busy over the past few days. They state that markets must have designated entry and exit points. Additionally, all visitors to the market must be provided hand sanitizer and proper precautions taken. Crowds should be controlled and people should not be gathering to drink or socialize at the market.

Restaurants remain open, but the exception is to eat, not for people to gather in groups and drink and socialize. Proper hygiene standards and distance between patrons must be followed.

People are encouraged to stay home, but it is not a shutdown or lockdown order and are free to move about as they wish.

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